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The Choice Facing the American People

The evil in the world has been slowly and methodically tightening its grip for decades. The policies of the New World Order and its Operatives have divided the citizenry, infringed upon our God-given rights, caused generations to despise their country, suppressed critical thinking, substituted comfort for ambition, caused millions of people to become dependent on government, and brought America to the brink of bankruptcy.

Analysis: Out of fear or ignorance, the pundits wrongly refer to the Operatives of the New World Order collectively as the “Deep State,” the “Shadow Government,” and the “Mainstream Media.” These euphemisms disguise who they are, who they work for, their motive and their plans. Henceforth, we should no longer help hide the enemy by using their terms of disguise, and instead call them for what they are: Operatives of the New World Order.

The American people are in grave danger…

Today more than 50% of Americans rely on government for sustenance to include food, housing and medical care. We citizens have foolishly put ourselves in a precarious and untenable position. The eventual collapse of the dollar will end the “free” money from government, and it will be forced to decide who lives, and who dies.

Note: Beyond the impending economic crisis, we are one EMP or political expediency away from the declaration of Martial Law. Marshal Law can be declared just on the anticipation of a threat, even if that threat turns out to be fallacious. At the moment of declaration, you will own nothing and have no rights.

The goal of the New World Order is to break America without destroying the infrastructure. This is why they are making the American people more and more dependent on government, and setting us up for a financial meltdown, wherein the New World Order will come to the rescue. Meanwhile, they are undermining our individual health, making us sick and lethargic so that we are incapable of any substantive resistance.

A most dire future, if we allow it…

Should they gain full control of America, they will deploy their plan to rid the world of “useless eaters” through massive depopulation. Their goal is to reduce the population worldwide by 93%, from 7 billion to just 500 million. Their plans are detailed in the United Nations publications “Agenda 21,” “Agenda 30,” and “Agenda 50.” The remaining “useful servants” are to be packed and stacked in micro-apartments along the coasts and waterways.

The choice before us…

This is our last chance to counter the oppression promised by the ultra elite who run the world. They announce regularly and warn us repeatedly in books and movies what the American people are about to face.

Note: The reason they reveal their plans in advance becomes evident when we understand a key axiom in the legal profession, wherein “acquiescence equals consent.” In short, if we do not object to their plans for us, we inadvertently grant them permission. Stated another way, if they tell us what's coming and we allow it, we deserve what we get.

Contrary to what we are led to believe by the Operatives of the ultra elite, national elections are not about choosing people or even political parties. Rather, we are choosing the future we want for ourselves and America.

The choice before us is unity or division, nationalism or globalism, sovereignty or submission, liberty or oppression. In short, we will choose a strong and independent America and enjoy liberty and opportunity, or become subjected to the bleak and dismal future of totalitarianism promised by the New World Order.

The Patriot Revolution is about choosing our collective future!

If we choose liberty over submission, we will have to break from the grip that binds us!

The ramifications of understanding human nature are many. The Patriot Party® is an emerging political party that endorses the application of Gravity Theory and the Bidirectional System as the way to resolve America's social, financial and political problems. Patriot Party Radio broadcasts the Patriot Party® message. Spring-Gravity Theory® is a marketing group that applies the teachings of Humanology® in crafting marketing plans and advertising campaigns for the largest companies and nation-states worldwide. Spring-Gravity Theory® is the result of a breakthrough in understanding human nature. That breakthrough is featured on the Humanology® website. More and more organizations are adopting the knowledge offered by Humanology®. Foundation to Empower Marriage is a non-profit organization dedicated to educate high school seniors on how emotions work and how to use that knowledge to form and maintain successful long term personal relationships including marriage. It's Not About Love is a musical written for high school and college students. It reveals the secret to success in romance and fulfillment in marriage. It's message is based on the knowledge and discoveries of Humanology®. School Is Cool is a not-for-profit corporation that works with the major sports associations in elevating the value of education in the minds of our children. Fittest Form® is a program that helps people achieve their best physical and mental state. Idea Songs is a group of songwriters that applies Humanology® in crafting songs, with an eye on making the most impact and maximizing audience appeal. Professional Songwriter Group is an association of lyricists and composers that study human nature and incorporate that knowledge into their musical works, making their products more impacting on the listening public. Back On Top Music is a publisher of music that works only with authors who understand and incorporate what we now know about human nature. Magyar Music is a music act that incorporates Humanology® when crafting its songs. The author of Humanology®, Don Magyar, can be contacted directly by going to his website. His books are individually titled and can stand alone, yet they are part of the Humanology® series, published by Permanent Publications.


Warning About Mass Genocide

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